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Our Business Grade shared hosting packages have a comprehensive list of features with FREE SETUP!

We use the market-leading cPanel 11 control panel, with Softaculous for easy script installation (no technical knowledge required!) and RVSitebuilder Pro to create a website easily with just a few clicks! Below we have listed our standard features, which are available on all our hosting accounts.

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Website Design

What we build? What we deliver? - See us in action!

With more options than you could throw a stick at, our website design solutions offer something to suit everybody!

A basic website from WebKinect can cost as little as £99.99 for single page

Alternatively you could include our Business Grade shared hosting, with a massive range of features and have a complete Web Design Solution from only £139.99.

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Our very proud clients talks a bit about us!

As a site for disabled anglers, I was looking for a hosting company that was good value for money! I must say that this company has surpassed all expectations.

We have found them a very friendly and professional company. Dealing with all of our queries and questions swiftly and efficiently. In today's climate, it is refreshing to find a company that still has the old fashioned values of "value or money, service and courtesy!...

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Do you even need a website?


This is a question we are asked very frequently, particularly from small companies and sole traders advertising in places such as and the Thomson Local. The fact is that 98 percent of people will be more interested in viewing your website to save them time in finding the information they are looking for rather than calling you and being hasselled by sales people.
There are now more than 11 million home internet users in the UK alone who follow the trend of searching the internet for the information they need rather than run up their phone bill.

Every business, no matter what size needs a website. It is an absolute MUST! Nowadays, it’s like not being in the phone book. The Internet is a digitally-indexed database that is searchable. Whenever anyone wants to know more about anything, they look it up on the Internet, in their own time, 24/7, without the pressure of a sales person or worrying about opening times. With search engines, such as Google or Yahoo!, the information they are looking for can be found in seconds.

If you're not where people are looking then how do you expect to be found?

Even if you're not planning on selling anything online, you still need to have an Internet presence, telling your story and being a 24/7 sales person for you. The Internet is information. So, even if you just have an informational website, people can find out more about you, your company, what you have to offer, and why they should choose you over your competition. A website gives you the opportunity to get all of that across to your potential customer.

We are convinced that you will find our friendly-focused approach a breath of fresh air when compared to the typical views of I. T. companies as we understand the financial needs of a company or person just starting out in business and for this reason you will find our fees extremely competitive. Being a small company we do not have thousands of customers on hundreds of servers or some call centre in some far away land manned by people reading from a script. We are a family run team of web designers each with different areas of expertise.
We understand that we all have to start from somewhere and not everyone knows the in's and out's of a web page so we do not use any complicated and confusing terminology...We had to learn it all too!!!



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