WebKinect Client Testimonials

Below are some of the comments our clients have been gracious enough to comment about the services they have received from us. As a small and family focused provider we do not have the means to compete with some of the larger providers and as such, it is the word of mouth from our valued client base who continue to contribute towards our continued growth.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone whom has taken the time to publically comment about our services. It is sincerely appreciated and we can only hope to continue to live up to and go beyond your expectations.

TestimonialsA service second to none!

Just wanted to say how great this company is...you may pay a little more than the big names, but the bullet fast support is worth every penny. I would not hesitate for a second using them again for another project or recommending them to anyone. At last a host company that understands the customers needs.
Thankyou so much Andy for your continued support. You are invaluable!

By: Jay Judd
Website: Judd Racing

TestimonialsAs a site for disabled anglers, I was looking for a hosting company that was good value for money! I must say that this company has surpassed all expectations.

We have found them a very friendly and professional company. Dealing with all of our queries and questions swiftly and efficiently. In today's climate, it is refreshing to find a company that still has the old fashioned values of "value or money, service and courtesy!

By: Stephen Webb
Website: The Accessible Angler

TestimonialsExcellent service from this company, we have been using them for a over a year now and are more than happy with there services and website hosting which has been outstanding compared with our last hosts. Andy is very helpful and we would recommend anyone looking for web hosting and support for their website to give this company a go as you will not be dissapointed.

By: Dylan Pledger
Website: CD-Tronix

TestimonialsAfter a number of years hosting our website with Yell.com I was looking for a local company which would provide me with great support and a website i could edit myself. I found WebKinect through local advertising and I couldn't be happier. My new website was designed and up and running within 72 hours from the initial consultation and they provided me with a solution where I could add and edit my own content.

Support and server uptime has been fantastic. I have only had to contact support on two occassions, once because i forgot my login details and the second time to ask how to setup my email. On both occassions the answers were provided in under 15 minutes and they have since added a number of very usefull flash tutorials so that people like me, with no experience whatsoever can watch a short flash movie giving me step by step instructions convering everything you can possibly think of.

Their pricing is also something to behold. I was paying Yell.com £400 a year for a basic page which said who we were and how to contact us. For half that price a year I now get a fully custom design, hosted on business grade servers and my own domain name! It really couldn't get any better than this.

By: Simon Fuller
Websites: STF Builders

TestimonialsIve had nothing but fantastic service from these guys. Their uptime has been fantastic and their service nothing but excellent.

I had them custom design a website a for me which compared to other providers was more than affordable.

Sadly I have since had to move to another provider as i didn't want to upgrade to PHP5 which is now a requirement. My new host doesn't provide the 'family' atmosphere and service i received at AnsUK but you tend to get that from the larger hosts. If you are looking for a host that provides a personal service than these are the people for you!

By: Matthew Pool
Websites: Moonllight Models

TestimonialsI met with Andy while he was on holiday in Tennerife in 2008 and we got chatting. The conversation eventually got around to the kind of businesses we were in and he explained that he was the owner of WebKinect and explained about the business.

This was perfect for me as i was just in the process of trying to take my taxi business online and was looking for a reliable hosting company. Its been 3 months now and ive not noticed one minute of downtime, other than one occassion when an email was sent out explaining that a server upgrade was due to take place.

It is refreshing to know that my new business is in excellent hands and you experience a kind of 'family' feel with WebKinect as everything really does have a personal touch. Kudos to Andy and the team, I look forward to a prosperous and rewarding future with you.

By: Guiseppe Rufinni

TestimonialsWe had contacted a few difference companies before Ansuk but found they would treat you as just another company - WebKinect were very professional from the minute we contacted them and were quick and efficient. We now only use WebKinect for our Hosting, Design & all our IT needs and would not use anyone else. I recommend them to all our associates and anyone looking for exceptional quality, business grade hosting and IT requirements.

By: John Denton
Website: Atlas Insurance

TestimonialsExcellent service and advice on e-commerce solutions, great help for us with the web site issues. We were really impressed all around service from hosting to design. We now host both our business websites with WebKinect and have done for over two years. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

By: Pasi Raitanen
Websites: Lorrimar Scales &  Scales 4U

TestimonialsI was looking for a simple elegant and friendly design for my cubecart shop for over a week. And because I am new to the business, I wanted to make sure I get enough assitance before I buy. I posted questions to some skin developers. It was amazing to me that I got no reaction. It is laughable that even now before I started writing, I got a reply (after five days).

My experience with WebKinect was totally different. I posted a question, I got the reply in few minutes. Thanks Steve! When I read the first message from Steve, I had no doubt who I am dealing with. I had problen in getting the right ftp details for installation across to him, he was ready to lead me through. When we finished, he said the colour code I provided for my skin is more pink than than the red I wanted and that If I wanted to change it, I should let him know. Wow! this is what I call client servive.

As an adverising excecutive, I always repeat to my account managers that there is nothing more frustrating for client when feels he's dealing with less knowledgable and less professional managers. That's not the case with you guys. Thanks Steve, thanks to your organizaton. keep it on. It is bread and butter for you, while it is a big thing for me.

By: Jason

TestimonialsI came to WebKinect (previously Hampshire Web Design) after spending a couple of years with yell.com, the problem with yell.com was that I had no control over my pages or their content.

Steve was able to provide me with a website which I had complete control over and at half the price I was paying with yell.com. I do use a monitoring service for my website and in the year I've been with WebKinect my wesbite has only had 6 minutes down time which I think is incredible.

I am truely gratefull to Andy and the team at WebKinect for providing excellent service and an affordable price. Had my business idea succeeded then I would still be with them.

By: Robert Winkworth
Website: Aeon Biotech

TestimonialsBeen with WebKinect now for two years and im over the moon with the service provided. I would highly recommend anyone wanting an internet presence to contact them to discuss your requirements, you wont be dissapointed.

By: Terry

TestimonialsI've had a wonderfull year with WebKinect. Their support and service has been second to none. Sadly i have not renewed my contract this year because my business idea was not as successfull as I had hoped.

You will find their prices staggeringly low in comparison to most providers but dont let that deter you! If you are considering setting up an online shop or just require business grade hosting then there is nowhere better to start in my opinion.

By: Alison Stevens
Website: C & A Print Solutions