Web Host Manager

Easily control and manage multiple web hosting accounts with WHM.

Resellers have access to the market-leading Web Host Manager control panel, which lets you manage and resell our feature packed cPanel accounts. We offer four set reseller packages, as well as bespoke packages.

We have outlined the features of Web Host Manager below, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that Web Host Manager is different to WHMCS, which is excellent billing software that we provide free of charge on the Reseller 100 and 250 accounts. Customers on Reseller 25/50 accounts can purchase a license directly from the WHMCS website.

Account Management

It couldn't be easier to manage accounts with Web Host Manager - the accounts menu lets you create, access and list all accounts, set and view their space and bandwidth usage, suspend and of course terminate them.

Whether you are an individual or business wanting an overview of your own sites, or a reseller creating feature lists and packages to resell to your own clients, WHM is versatile enough to cater for all your needs.

Reseller Features Include: List Accounts, View Account Bandwidth Usage, Suspend, Unsuspend, Password Modification, Create Account, Edit MX Entries, Manage Frontpage Permissions, Terminate, Upgrade/Downgrade, Add, Edit and Remove DNS, Add/Edit and Remove Packages, Mail Delivery Troubleshooting, cPanel News, View Server Info, Bandwidth Modification, Quota Modification.

WHM Screenshots:

WebKinect.co.uk Reseller Hosting


WebKinect.co.uk Reseller Hosting


WebKinect.co.uk Reseller Hosting


WebKinect.co.uk Reseller Hosting